Mile High Cure Gummies 500MG/1000MG

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Mile High Cure Gummies 500MG/1000MG

Mile High Cure Gummies. All the benefits of Hemp oil in a tasty pouch. The entire package of our CBD gummy‘s has approximately 500 mg / 1000 mg of CBD in them. These tasty gummies come in an assortment of fruit flavors. Our CBD hemp oil gummies are infused with full spectrum CBD, which is a natural source of cannabinoid (CBD). CBD works positively with our Endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for keeping our body in homeostasis.

Mile High Cure Gummies

500MG: 10pcs

1000MG: 20pcs

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Sour Watermelon 500MG, Sour Watermelon 1000MG, Gummy Bears 500MG, Gummy Bears 1000MG, Gummy Worms 500MG, Gummy Worms 1000MG, Sour Gummy Rings 1000MG, Watermelon Belts 500MG, Watermelon Belts 1000MG