Innokin iTaste DRV Vehicle Vaping System

Innokin iTaste DRV Vehicle Vaping System

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Innokin iTaste DRV Vehicle Vaping System is truly the first e-cig system that has been designed specifically for vehicular vaping. It is a perfect vaping device that offers comfort, convenience and extensive features while you are on the road. Unlike convectional e-cigarettes, Innokin iTaste DRV Vehicle Vaping System draws its power from standard car cigarette lighter. This means that you will never be caught off guard with a dead or discharged e-cig battery unable to vape.

In order to provide you with the best vaping experience possible the iTaste DRV now has an increased variable voltage range of 4.2 to 6.4 and can be used in both automatic draw and manual vaping modes.

The iTaste Innokin DRV now has a longer, high durability retractable coiled cord that has a resting length of 7.8 inch (20 cm) and can extend to a maximum length of 42 inch (270 cm). The iTaste DRV can be used with any 510 thread clearomizer and is packaged with 2 iClear 16D dual bottom coil clearomizers.

The DRV’s resilient stainless steel dial with power level indicator LED and on-off switch is easy to use, provides exceptionally steady power and as you can see looks very cool.