InA Bottle 100ML

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Zoo Keeper
Zoo Keeper tastes just like those amazing animal crackers you were addicted to as a kid! Sugary, vanilla flavored biscuits with a slight sweetness. You’ll be delightfully surprised when you vape this animal of an e-liquid.
Sour Grapes
Sour Grapes e-juice is a tasty, mouth watering treat! Juicy, purple grapes transformed into sour bubblegum pack an unexpected punch.
Good Apple
Good Apple combines tart green apple flavor with a punch of sugary lollipop and a slight kick of sour. Vaping this will have you feeling like you just ate a sucker!

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Flavor | Nicotine Level

Zoo Keeper 0MG, Zoo Keeper 6MG, Sour Grapes 0MG, Sour Grapes 6MG, Good Apple 3MG, Good Apple 6MG