Humble Ice 120ML E-Juice

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Humble Ice 120ML E-Juice

Humble Ice Juice took the five most popular Humble flavors and infused them with refreshing minty menthol. Since the release, Humble Juice has a total of 10 menthol eliquid flavors including: Ice Tropic Thunder, Ice Ruby Red, Ice Donkey Kahn, Ice Pee Wee Kiwi, Ice Pink Spark, Ice Berry Blow Doe, Ice Oh-Ana, Ice VTR, Ice Dragonfly and Ice Sweater Puppets. Carefully re-crafted with individual recipes with menthol that will not diminish the originality. Humble Ice Juice nailed it on the head.

Ice Ruby Red
A tangy grapefruit and peach smoothie on ICE.
Ratio: 80VG/20PG

Ice Donkey Kahn
A beautifully blend of strawberry banana with a nice splash of dragon fruit on ICE! We highly doubt you will be disappointed!
Ratio: 80VG/20PG

Ice Berry Blow Doe
This flavor is a mouthwatering, bubblegum lollipop infused with blueberry and raspberry flavoring on ICE. You’ll make a “popping” statement carrying this juice with you. You’ll be a sucker without it!
Ratio: 80VG/20PG

Ice Tropic Thunder
Strawberry, kiwi on ICE that will leave your taste buds tingling.
Ratio: 80VG/20PG

Ice Dragonfly
Watermelon and honeydew with a hint of ICE will make your senses fly!
Ratio: 80VG/20PG

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Ice Dragonfly 6MG

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