Humble 60ML E-Juice

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Humble 60ML E-Juice

Try a different take on Watermelon. Deliciously smooth, juicy, seedless watermelon..what’s not to love!

Strawberry Banana
Two of the most classic flavor combinations: Juicy Strawberry and ripened Banana with a hint of tropical dragonfruit.

Mango Passionfruit
Tropical in all the right places, enjoy our taste of paradise! Mango Passionfruit mashup.

Blue Raspberry
Designed to keep your taste buds happy! Enjoy our Sweet Raspberry and Blueberry mix.

Banana Bread
A delicacy that will leave you wanting more & more, our buttery Banana Bread E-liquid will melt in your mouth.

Creamy Crunch
Start your day with Milk & Oats with a side of cream and a hint of Honey.

Additional information

Flavor | Nicotine Level

Banana Bread 3MG, Banana Bread 6MG, Blue Raspberry 3MG, Blue Raspberry 6MG, Creamy Crunch 3MG, Creamy Crunch 6MG, Mango Passion Fruit 3MG, Mango Passion Fruit 6MG, Strawberry Banana 6MG, Watermelon 3MG, Watermelon 6MG