Hulk Tears 60mL Premium E-Juice

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Hulk Tear/ Frozen Hulk Tear/Mango NicSalts 30mL


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Hulk Tears/Frozen Hulk Tears/Mighty Mango/Frozen Mighty Mango 60mL Premium E-Juice

Mystery Pop
A deliciously sweet candy flavor that keeps you guessing until the last drop.

Frozen Mighty Mango
A superior blend of succulent mango nectar with a frozen twist.
Mighty Mango
Mighty Vapors has done it again. Now their latest incarnation, Mighty Mango, has hit the mark again. A superior blend of succulent mango nectar.
Hulk Tears
Apple watermelon hard candy e-juice infused with berries. OK, you can stop  drooling now. This launch by Mighty Vapors is so good, it makes the Hulk cry of joy.
Frozen Hulk Tears
Classic Hulk Tears with a slight menthol twist. It delivers a stimulating chill element to the classic apple watermelon hard candy infused with berries.

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Mighty Vapors 60mL Premium E-Juice - Hulk Tears/Frozen Hulk Tears/Mighty Mango

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Flavor | Nicotine Level

Mystery Pop 0MG, Mystery Pop 3MG, Mystery Pop 6MG, Frozen Mighty Mango 0MG, Frozen Mighty Mango 3MG, Frozen Mighty Mango 6MG, Mighty Mango 0MG, Mighty Mango 3MG, Mighty Mango 6MG, Hulk Tears 0MG, Hulk Tears 3MG, Hulk Tears 6MG, Frozen Hulk Tears 0MG, Frozen Hulk Tears 3MG, Frozen Hulk Tears 6MG