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The Grind

The Grind e-liquids are for the early risers, the hard workers, the dreamers. Those who grind everyday for what they want and aren’t willing to settle for less. And with hard work comes delicious perks! Enjoy rich espresso made from freshly ground coffee beans in your delicious caffeinated drink of choice, from creamy caramel, to velvety vanilla to decadent chocolate. After all, you deserve the best.


Cappuccino e-juice by The Grind is the perfect post-dinner vape. Experience a delicious, piping hot espresso flavor topped off with light and airy foam and swirled together with sweet creamy milk. A coffee vape unlike any other!

Caramel Macchiato
Caramel Macchiato e-juice collides freshly steamed milk with rich, bold espresso made from premium coffee beans fresh off the grind, and swirls the two together with sweet, buttery caramel. It’s a coffee drinker’s dream!


Mochaccino e-juice by The Grind pairs coffee and chocolate in sweet seductive harmony. A blend of decadent chocolate, robust espresso and creamy steamed milk lies in wait under a smooth layer of steamed milk foam.

Vanilla Latte
Vanilla Latte e-juice captures subtly sweet vanilla in a striking, full-bodied espresso submerged in velvety hot steamed milk. This decadent, rich flavor will surely keep you on The Grind!

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Flavor | Nicotine Level

Cappuccino(No Cap) 3MG, Cappuccino(No Cap) 6MG, Caramel Macchiato(Karma) 0MG, Caramel Macchiato(Karma) 3MG, Caramel Macchiato(Karma) 6MG, Mochaccino(Chino) 3MG, Mochaccino(Chino) 6MG, Vanilla Latte(Off White) 0MG, Vanilla Latte(Off White) 3MG, Vanilla Latte(Off White) 6MG

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