Chill Nicotine Salt 30ML E-Liquid

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Chill Nicotine Salt 30ML E-Liquid

Chill Nicotine Salt 30ML E-Liquid

Cool Mango
Chill Cool Mango combines deliciously ripe mangoes with the intense cooling sensation of icy koolada.

Cool Lime
Cool Lime gives a whole new meaning to flavorful menthol. Taste the tangy frosty flavor of hand squeezed limeade mixed with sweet sugar and poured over a tall glass of ice, all while delivering smooth, ice-cold nicotine hit with the use of nicotine salts.

Cool Melon
Chill Cool Melon is a fruity blend of melons with an icy cool throat hit.

Experience a tropical tundra of mouth watering melons, frosty lime and ripe peach every time you vape Tropi-Cool e-juice.

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Cool Lime 35MG