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Bo Vape Starter Kit by Bo Vaping is an innovative and tech-forward design for veteran vapers and newcomers alike. It combines all you need to begin your pod mod vaping journey. Described by many as the next generation of e-cig design, Bo Vape Starter Kit works much like the Juul pod systems, with disposable liquid pods placed inside the vaporizer to allow for a satisfying experience.
Lightweight and ergonomically designed, Bo Vape Starter Kit features a smooth ceramic coating and weighs just 22g. It takes its own branded disposable caps, which are much like regular pod mod liquid pods and each cap holds 1.5ml of e-liquid. The brand focuses on using premium ingredients to deliver flavors which are satisfying and authentic. Bo Caps are made with nicotine salts as opposed to “freebase” nicotine found in most e-juices. Nicotine salt e-liquid is easier to inhale, is less harsh on the throat and delivers more of a satisfying nicotine hit that closer resembles how nicotine is absorbed with traditional cigarettes.
Bo Vape Starter Kit also comes with a unique magnetic charger, which easily ensures you can keep your new vaporizer topped up and ready to vape all day. It has a powerful 380mAh battery which is highly efficient and when fully charged, should last the average vaper the whole day.
Fans of the pod mod system of vaping will not be disappointed with what this Bo Vape Starter Kit has to offer and it easily rivals Juul in the growing pod mod sector.
Bo Vape Starter Kit Included:
1 x Bo E-Cigarette Battery
1 x Magnetic Charger

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