Bio Delta 10 Gummy Bears

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Bio Delta 10 Gummy Bears

Bio Delta 10 Gummy Bears. Delta 10 THC may be brand new to the market, but Bio wasted no time in developing an expertly formulated lineup of high-quality delta 10 products so that hemp enthusiasts can discover the unique effects of this fascinating cannabinoid. The Delta-10 THC Gummy Bears are a great way to go, offering long-lasting delta 10 effects in the body that come with mouthwatering flavor. The formula is made with carefully selected ingredients, and the delta 10 is fully lab-tested by a third party to ensure excellent quality and purity levels.

Recommended Dosage:

Do not consume more than 2 in 24 hours

Bio Delta 10 Gummy Bears

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125MG (5CT), 250MG (10CT), 1000MG (20CT)